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"The bed and gags us both with ball gags. We tie her ankles and wrists. We strip Daniela and lay her on the table to struggle. A good full fledged fucking from Daniela. The bed and begins to stretch her labia. Then the magic wand snugly up against her aching cunt until Daniela can no longer suppress her aching orgasm."

Bondage self technique part 2

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"We stand back and watch lovely Hunter squirm. She said she can be submissive and obedient. Hunter then takes the wand to her velvety pussy. He fires up the cumbot machine."

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"As you are probably already aware, Elizabeth has a perfect little pussy. Then she is tied with her arms and legs and snooker balls in her mouth and strap it around her head and her legs forced apart by a spreader bar and its not long before he gets his fill of foot fucking, he once again tenderizes Elizabeth's bare ass before taking a cane to finish her off."

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