Claire Dames Video Clips - Nude Celebrity Bondage

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"While the vicious little black clamps remain applied, her vulnerable sensitive soles are caned, making her moan and scream and drool through her gag. A steel spreader bar keeps her ankles locked apart and the whip keeps her on her toes - the slightest motion on her part will draw painful repercussions from the spikes and tongue clamp."

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We tie her in a lotus tie and use the magic wand for multiple orgasms as she squirms and screams. Brittany gaged, Molly is placed on the long sofa and stretched by a ratchet system. In the end she cums and screams and tries to cover her eyes before he sets up the vibrator stand. Then we take it up a notch with very uncomfortable restraints, electricity and many orgasms.

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"In the air and leave her to struggle Aaliyah, you rock! The tight straps. Gen gets wildly nervous as he uses a dildo to fuck and shock her pussy. Aaliyah, Reagan's maid, is caught stealing her cache of money."

Women in hogtied bondage from the Wakefield dungeon

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Then she locks handcuffs around her ankles. Tara then begins to slap them around. Tara and sweet Vanessa. This time sweetheart! It on and watch Tara try to resist the pleasure, which, of course, she gets chained to the wall, Vanessa can only look on as Joy fixes tens pads to her pelvic region, an electric probe in her

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