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"On it with her legs tied wide apart, her pussy is clamped. She tries to pull her skirt up to get the job done. We crank the machine up to high. He slaps her arouind. She has to do anything for a release! Logan can barely move as he figures out that her feet are tied to the desk leaving this submissive slut totally helpless."

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Faith is now gagged in full suspension dangling from the ceiling, Jillian can only imagine what fate may come next. She can't keep her mouth open, and Faith enjoys groping Jillian's tits and pussy.

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Tricia has a hellacious body, and we gaze upon it as she is gagged and restrained in the cold darkness. The Pope, lays his hands upon her perfect breasts before he gets to business with the flogger. Tricia's tits are tattered by the whip then, her Master turns his attentions to her supple backside.

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