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The unsuspecting Ashley Gracie puts on a bikini at our request... Ashley hasn't done a bondage shoot before so we start her off just doing some posing... she shows us her tits and ass before Ogre enters to tie her up... he uses leather cord to bind her elbows, wrists, knees and ankles... Ashley looks quite stunned as he forces her mouth open with a ball-gag to buckle it in..

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"She proves her bravery and submissive will as she holds the bulb on her tongue. She is utterly helpless as she struggles and moans her way to a tumultuous orgasm in her tight ass and firm tits. He dominates her and rolls her onto her tummy to be fucked by the mindless machine."

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"Then it is time to see what Andrea is made of. We take photos and Andrea is in tan dress. Andrea ties her ankles and pulls down her panties and blindfold on his face and not letting him catch his breath."

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