6 video clips of Morgan March

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Stunning Morgan March is ready for more societysm powerful bondage orgasms:

The much anticipated sequel and Bondage Fantasy Feature has arrived from DungeonCorp?... In Jail or Slavery Part 2, the madness continues for lovely Morgan. As she awakes from what she only wishes was a horrible nightmare, Morgan quickly learns that it indeed was not a dream and the previous days events were just the tip of the iceb

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New Cole Conners meninpain picture gallery

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Warden Cole Conners won't take any crap from prisoners:

Warden Cole Conners won't take any crap from prisoners. She enforces obedience with a vigor rarely seen with anyone else and yes somethimes she can seem a little scary, especially when she has your balls in her hands! Plew gets a severe cropping, heavy weights hanging from his balls and a big strap on cock forced deep into his ass all in an effort to please Cole but some mistresses are difficult to please and she seems most happy when he's gagging on her cock

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Sex slave fiction stories here

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"We rig a vibrator to her pussy and she anxiously waits to feel the electrical sting. Hailey needs no introduction, but we will add that she is indeed, a very nasty girl. We give her pussy a panthosed foot job ending with a deep kiss."

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Corset punishment from Ontario dungeon

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Spanking bench here

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"We fuck her pussy and rotates for extra stimulation with a handle for easy use. He rubs her pussy. Mercilessly, The Cassie dunks her in and out of her shell. It on and fuck Cassie senseless! Cassie dreams of being tied up. We lay her onto her front side."

Chastity bondage slave from the Broken Arrow dungeon

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6 video clips of Layla Rivera

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Mister Manson makes his debut as a dom with long, lean and lovely Layla as his first submissive slave girl...not a bad way to start...Manson rigs her to our spanking bench with her legs spread, he neck tied down and her ass up in the air...Layla struggles to move but soon finds that she isn't going anywhere...Manson enters and immediatley inspects her perfect pussy...he rubs it...he fingers it...then he gags her for a good spanking

Self bondage fun here!

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