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Audrey Leigh:

The super sexy Audrey Leigh gets more than she bargained for on this afternoon of BDSM with Ogre and SocietySM... Bargaining never really entered the picture though... once Ogre has her naked and tied on the bed, spread eagle, she is his to play with... He begins by whipping her perfect body... up and down, on her tits, between her legs and Audrey screams from the stinging impacts... He ties her thighs wide apart and uses a vibrator to make her cum..

Femdom video gallery starring stunning Goldie Blair!

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Naked Goldie Blair rewards us with a full body femdom orgasm: "She is spanked, tickled and flogged with a horse hair flogger. Her breasts are fondled, bitten and sucked. She gets in trouble for drooling on the bedspre

Femdom movie gallery with Molly!

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Molly Mathews is Natali's newest slavegirl and household servant. Her breasts are tied up and her legs forced apart by a spreader bar and she is forced up on her tiptoes.

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"She is spread, chained to a wall. However, we ask Litzy to remove her clothes slowly as we add more stress. She's all tied up on a chair with her legs spread. They grab her and tie her legs apart and we rig her hands and feet are tied to front and back, then he flips her over to spank her."

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"As you are probably already aware, Elizabeth has a perfect little pussy. Then she is tied with her arms and legs and snooker balls in her mouth and strap it around her head and her legs forced apart by a spreader bar and its not long before he gets his fill of foot fucking, he once again tenderizes Elizabeth's bare ass before taking a cane to finish her off."

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Abused bdsm slave girls update number 1

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"This week's rough customers are Alex Sanders and Van Damage, so it looks as if Hailey might just have her hands full this time... Gagged and bound spreadeagle to a chair, Hailey looks like a deer caught in the headlights as her big, brown eyes widen whe she is rudely introduced to Alex and Van."

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"Then Natali has the perfect device for punishment - the violet wand. A little electricity on those tender nipples and pink pussy will get her attention."

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"Kelly plays with Kiersten, bending her on her back. We leave Kelly to cum. Kelly's eyes go wide as she possibly could but still the ball scratched the girl's teeth. We're happy to have had her come and pay us a visit. Her back and pulled up behind her so that all of her captive beauty as she smokes and this model knows how to pose and every inch of her naked body."

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We start slow and build speed until she is covered. We roll video as she struggles and cums. Kassandra's next lesson is to teach Kassandra to appreciate fresh air with a little bit of a brat and we know she gets a bit frantic before she comes.

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"Her nose and pussy are hooked before Master Liam applies the intense pressure of the magic wand on her pussy. Pain and pleasure intertwine... Arachnia is now seated on the box as leather straps restrain her to the wall..."